El Tiburon Casitas

Luxury Rentals in Loreto, Baja

   FAQ / Common Questions   What about Internet?                                                  

FREE WIRELESS AT EL TIBURON CASITAS!!!                                                   Our Wi Fi has recently been upgraded with a new wireless router and we should have good reception anywhere on the property and usually in your casita.  But this is Baja so cannot guarantee  service during bad weather or city outages! Best reception is usually in the central common areas.

Are Passports Necessary? COVID tests?

Not to stay with us.   Passports are required for re-entry into the United States or other Countries.  Passports are always necessary to Fly and be sure to save your tourist card stub as you will need this to fly out also.

 Covid tests are required to fly internationally. We can arrange for your tests onsite or you can go to a local Lab. Results back in 4-12 hours. Special rate for our Guests is $36 usd. 

What should I bring with me from Home?

Coffee or special drinks you want to have here.     Coffee maker, grinders, and filters in room.  Plus electric tea pots in every Casita. We follow all COVID cleaning Protocols.

Any snacks, nuts, candy you may want as selection is poor and price often high.  US Cash or Pesos, small bills. Check that money is clean and unmarked in any way.  Canadian money and traveler checks are not taken anywhere.


Is there a pool available year round?

We have a beautiful  sparkling clear  swimming pool  with underwater seats.    Normally  the temp is in the 70-80's depending on the month.    Pool towels are in the casitas for on site use.  Plastic drink-ware also in room for use on the deck.   Wireless internet works well around the pool and patio  area.  The pool is partially shaded in summer to stay refreshing and limit sun exposure!

Pool / Patio/ BBQ area is open to registered guests only. The entire fenced Compound  is Private.  

What is commonly available at the local grocery stores?

Ley and Pescador grocery stores are a few blocks away. Easy walk. You can expect to find: Beers, some wines, liquor, milk, soda, cheeses, margarine, ice cream, bread, cold cuts, fresh and canned vegetables and fruits, tortillas, chips, good selection of canned goods, and a meat counter. Large stores take dollars or credit cards also. ATM on site at Ley's.

What about money and credit cards in Loreto? Exchange?

Dollars or Pesos generally accepted everywhere. Currently US Dollars can not  be exchanged at the Bancomer bank, but Banking rules seem to change often.  ATM  debit Cards are the most reliable way to get pesos once here.  But they can be inconsistent.  Almost all tour operators, Fishing Captains, restaurants, large shops, and grocery stores happily take dollars. Some take credit cards.   No one will take Canadian dollars or traveler checks.                    

          Be sure to notify your bank at home that you will be in Baja!  

   The main  bank ATM machine at Bancomer  is 1 block away in the town square.  There is a Banamex ATM in the Ley Grocery store and in Sante Fe.  Check with your bank prior to coming to Mexico as you may need pre- authorization to use your card in Baja. There is a second newer bank 4 blocks up Juarez street who may exchange dollars.

 Some shops and  larger restaurants take credit cards.   Small taco stands will not usually have change for dollars. You will get change in Pesos at whatever rate they offer. Gas stations  take credit cards also. 

Is there secure parking for my car or boat?

Yes, We are within a secure gated compound and have space for your car. Inexpensive secure Boat parking  is just around the corner or next to the Marina. We have never had any problems with  car theft or vandalism so far and do not expect to in our location.   We are the closest Hotel to the Launch ramp and Marina.

What about  Phones, Water and  Utilities?

 The Hotel is on city water, electricity, and sewer.  The water is safe to drink but most people drink our supplied filtered water to be sure. All of our rooms have complimentary hot/cold drinking water coolers.   Electricity is 110V, same as in the US.  Each Bathroom has a wall Hair dryer.   Local Mexican cell phones work well in the area.   You need an international data plan to use smartphone/send text or calls/receive texts in Loreto.   

  We have free wireless internet on site AND Free phone calls (exc 800 numbers)to US and Canada from the Library landline included in your rate!  

Are there laundry facilities?

 Or our staff will do your laundry for 5 usd per regular load. Laundry service free for stays over 10 days.

What is illegal to bring to Loreto? Or take Back to USA?

A Partial list of items that will be confiscated at customs when entering Mexico includes:

Firearms, Fresh vegetables, Fresh Fruit, soils, plants, Biologicals, Red Meat, Dog treats containing meat. 

Review Customs Policies on line for a complete List.  You can bring food items for personal use such as coffee, candy, nuts, cookies, crackers. etc, if unopened and clearly labeled. One laptop computer/pp. 

It is legal to take back to the US a liter of Alcohol per person,  Fish and seafood if packed properly, Vanilla, souvenirs,  candy. You can not take  out of Mexico fresh fruit or vegetables, seeds, soil, animals.   Other  restricted items include  most meats, and other products made from animal or plant materials.       Frozen fish  should be in the checked bag or cooler.

What is the smoking policy?

 All interior rooms are non-smoking for the comfort of all of our guests.   Please smoke away from Casitas and shared areas, esp if other guests are present.  Ashtrays  are located  outside and we will set up your private smoking table on request. 

Can I freeze my fresh fish catch in the freezers in the Casitas?

No, the freezers in the rooms are for ice, edible food, etc for the guests. There is no way to keep the freezers fresh smelling for edible ice and food with raw fish that takes  too long to freeze and ALWAYS leaks fish juice into the grates and vents in the freezers. The good news is that ALL the legitimate Loreto fishing Captains will fillet, bag, and quick freeze your catch in their fish freezers and deliver it to you a few hours before you depart! 

How do I get to the Casitas from the airport or the Highway?

Taxi Vans are always available at the airport on arrival.  Vans usually pool customers together- 4 pp minimum and it is a 5-10 minute ride into town.  you can not pool at least 4 people. Tips not included. See Getting Here for more details about Taxis at the airport.

If you are renting a car, plan on picking it up at the airport. 

From the Highway, follow the signs to the beach/ Malecon/ Harbor. Turn Left on Deportivo  and then a right at the first street which is  Benito Juarez. Continue straight towards water and go  left on Calle Davis.    4th place on left. Big black steel  gates and a HUGE mako shark on the wall! 65/ 69 Davis St.


Go to the waterfront and then 

From the south end of the Harbor/ Marina, turn up the paved road at the  life sized sculpture of the blue whales.  This is Agua Dulce street.   Straight ahead you will see our black steel gate with sailfish.    Gate is  unlocked during business hours  and the current code will be sent to you if you are planning to arrive in the night.  

 There is a big mural and sign  on the back wall as you look through our big black gate.

 If lost, call  Liz at  +1-613-111-1614 Mex Cell phone for help.  Taxi drivers all know our Hotel.

Reservations  ?                   

Call US Phone   805-755-5828   Please leave message if no answer,  we will call you back same day!

 email : lizinloreto@gmail.com     We respond quickly!    

 Loreto  office phone:    011-  52-  613-135-2536  

See Calendar Page for sold out days.  2 night minimum.See Getting Here page for Airline info and Schedule from LAX or Calgary airports    

This Page last Updated- Oct 2021                                                                                 +1 613- 135-2536 Hotel Office        +1 613-111-1614  Mexican Cell

US number 805-755-5828  

What about housekeeping?   

   Daily Maid service is included in the room rate and must be utilized.   Rooms must be maintained to our standards to keep bugs out.  All Casita bath towels and bed linens are supplied and towels and sheets/linens changed as needed, usually every 3-5 days.   


What about the Bicycles?

We have a large selection of Bikes and beach cruisers to use locally in town on paved streets. We do not provide helmets or locks. Use anytime.

Is there TV or Cable? 

All rooms have a TV with 1 or 2 local Mexican channels and a  built in VHS and/or DVD Player with remote control.  We  have a complementary VHS/DVD Library with an extensive selection of VHS American  Movies.                                                              

How do I get back to the Loreto airport to leave Mexico?

Taxi Vans can come pick you up at the Hotel gate 2 hrs before your scheduled flight. 

Currently cost is about 250- 300 pesos per Van for 2pp. Share ride with others when possible!  Tip not included.  300 pesos for 4pp.

Ask Liz to call a Taxi if you need one or use Library phone.

Rental Car Info- check with your CC provider first

We have several rental Car agencies in town and at the airport.   The cost varies by number of days, type of car, and what kind of insurance you have through your credit card. So check your coverage with your credit card company before booking a car. You must have insurance to drive in Mexico. Just like any other country, the counter person will try to sell you the highest insurance plan. You will have to decide what level of coverage and risk you are willing to assume. If you only need a car for one day or to go to San Javier, consider letting us call you a van and personal driver to take you anywhere you want to go for the whole day at a very reasonable rate!

Time Zone?    Electrical current? 

Loreto is on Mountain Standard Time, one hour ahead of California.               Electrical plugs in the Casitas are 110V, same as in the USA. 

Are pets allowed? Not usually, .....call Dr Liz to ask after reading dog test.....

  It is not that we do not love dogs, because we do!  As a retired Veterinarian I am sympathetic BUT we have a Female Mexican rescue dog onsite and this makes things complicated.   Also other guests may not appreciate additional dogs.    Male dogs mark the wall paintings, poles, pots and artwork all over the property.  


Is there a golf course or tennis courts for public use?

There is a seaside 18 hole golf course in Nopolo 8 miles away. Local free Tennis  and pickle ball courts near highway.  The Time share has a golf course also, 45 min drive south.

Is there an Ocean View from My Casita? or courtyard?

All of our Casitas are within our gated  garden compound and all face the pool and inner courtyard. We are very close to the Marina and Public Beach though so very short walk to get to the water! The entire Loreto malecon is a seawall, not a beach. We are very close to the public swimming beach however, so very easy to get to the sandy beach and palapa areas just north of the Marina and Lighthouse.

Cancellation Policy

 We will make every effort to re-book your trip on a different date if necessary,  with enough advance notice (more than 60 days) and if we are not sold out.  As a small hotel we do not have flexibility to change rooms at the last minute , esp in Holiday  or peak seasons. Bookings are final once paid for and confirmed.   Confirmed bookings on Holiday weeks or Whale Season cannot be refunded, however they are transferable to another person for the same days! Travelex Insurance has full coverage including Covid related Issues.