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Luxury Rentals in Loreto, Baja

Fishing in Loreto Marine Park

Dorado, Yellowtail, Sailfish, Marlin, Triggerfish, Snapper, Grouper, Bonita, Sierra, Roosterfish, Amberjack, Corvina, Cabrilla, Yellowfin Tuna, and Parrotfish are all caught in or near Loreto.  Many Pangas and  Mexican Captains are available right down the street at the Marina.  We have Mexican Captains on standby to take our guests out fishing with very little advance notice, weather permitting.   $200-350us/day/panga/ 2- 3 pp.

Loreto marina - 3 minute walk from Casitas for  Tours/Fishing/Diving/Whales

 Loreto Marina near Casitas 

   Loreto Marine Park  fishing Year round-  World Class Salt water Fishing



Fishing in Loreto Marine Park 

Dorado and Marlin fishing- world class in summer, Yellowtail in Winter @ Spring


Dorado Fishing 




Marlin Fishing 


Fresh Fish Fillets!  How to take my Catch home with me.......

If you plan on taking your fish home with you, then bring down a lightweight, well insulated hard sided Ice Chest with a hinged lid.

Airlines require total weight with fish to be 50 pounds max per cooler. Used Ice Chests may be available in town and Ley Supermarket often sells a basic chest for 50-60 dollars. 

Many fisherman bring their clothes down in the empty chest to save airline baggage fees. Bring a duffle bag for the return flight for your clothes or donate your used clothes.  

Your Captain will fillet and bag your fish. If you want a certain type of freezer bag, bring it. Some Captains have vacuum sealers and you can bring the sealer bags. If important to vacuum seal, bring the sealing machine also!  


Carmen Island- Rugged and beautiful......Popular for Kayaking and Diving

Kayak trips around IslandWhale Sharks

Carmen Island 

Danzante Island- a favorite for Kayakers and Divers

Honeymoon CoveLa Ventana Reef

Coronado Island- closest yet still Pristine. Nature trails, snorkel, BBQ

Coronado beach