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World Class Fishing

World Class salt water fishing is enjoyed by anglers of all ages in our Marine Park.
We work with the most popular Captains to make sure you have an unforgettable fishing experience and they book up well in advance. The boats are fiberglass Super Pangas that seat 4 persons but normally only 2 anglers fish on each boat. Boats will have Bimini shades in warm weather, a cooler with Ice and water on board, and all the gear you will need. You are also welcome to bring your own gear, but it does not change the price.
You can either fish for live bait (Mackerel) or buy live bait  (Sardines or Mackerel) just outside the marina in the early morning. The Captains will clean and filet your catch, freeze it, and deliver it to you frozen, or smoked, 1-2 hrs before your departure time. If you want your fish vacuum packed, bring your machine and bags or be prepared to pay 2 usd per pound. There is no additional charge to filet and freeze the fish in regular gallon freezer bags.  Fish cannot be stored in the Casita's  freezers. ( We make ice cubes in the freezers!)
 If you do not want us to book you in advance with our Captains you can simply walk down to the Marina on any day and make a deal with any available Captain or look online. 
The fish limits  are posted at the Marina.

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Loreto Marine Park and the Islands

The Marine Park was established in 1996 and encompasses 800 square miles of the Sea of Cortez and 5 main islands- Coronado, Carmen, Danzante, Monserrate, and Santa Catalina. The Park is home to an exceptionally high diversity of marine and plant life including 900 fish species, many cetaceans such as Blue and Fin Whales, 700 plant species, and 300 bird species.

Coronado Island is the closest, formed from and extinct volcano, popular to visit the playful sea lions. 

Carmen Island is the largest, with many white beaches and coves , plus an old salt mine, now a private hunting lodge for bighorn sheep.

Danzante Island has dramatic mountains, fabulous SCUBA and snorkel sites, and a few hiking trails near Honeymoon Cove. 

Marine Park Islands/ Day trips





Kayaking /SCUBA /Snorkeling 

The island shorelines have clear blue waters for kayaking and fantastic snorkeling. The reefs are so rich in marine   life that Cousteau named the area "The World's Aquarium". Dive sites feature shipwrecks, walls of soft corals, sea fans, 200 species of Reef fish, and an incredible variety of invertebrates. 

SCUBA Divers enjoy fabulous underwater formations, caves, and Pinnacles, providing some of the best dive sites in Mexico. Dolphin Dive shop is just around the corer, and Blue Nation Dive company located downtown. 

Full PADI Open Water certification can be accomplished in 4 days. 

The World's Aquarium- Loreto marine Park


Fabulous reefs around each Island