El Tiburon Casitas

Luxury Rentals in Loreto, Baja

  Getting Here by Air or Car ---How do I get to the Casitas from the Loreto Airport?

Airport Taxi Shuttle Vans are always standing by at the Airport Curb.

ALWAYS ask the price before getting in the van.  For a shared shuttle Van (4 people min) the current price per Van is about 6-8 dollars a person with 4 pp.  Extra  100 peso/ 5 dollar  charge for each extra person after the min of 4. Tip extra.  The taxi vans used to charge pp for anyone but now with the min of 4, it is wise to talk to your fellow passengers and try to get a group together before arriving.   The same vans or small white cars will take your private party into Loreto for about 25 dollars. The cars only hold 3 pp   Vans hold 6 pp or more.

 It is only a 5- 10 minute ride to the Casitas. Address is 69 Calle Davis Norte at the corner of Agua Dulce Street just up from the Marina.     Return Van to the airport on departure is a different  Taxi union  and will cost 250- 300 pesos for your group of 1-4 pp. If you are planning to rent a car while in Loreto, you can do that at the kiosks in the terminal and drive to the casitas or rent in town. During Holidays or Whale season, you will want to reserve a car online in advance.

  Beware!  Also the Time Share Vans are at the curb. The time share salesmen  inside the terminal will try to "give" you tours, dinners or a rental car for some  money and an agreement to go to the timeshare Hotel Villa Palmar  about 45 minute drive south of Loreto. If you want to participate in the timeshare selling plan, the salesman will provide you with transportation to and from the airport and to the timeshare for your sales pitch day and prob a tour  of some kind, all for a set fee. Do not take the deal or give money unless you plan on going out to Villa Palmar and listening to the timeshare pitch.  Villa Palmar timeshare/Hotel is NOT in the town of Loreto. 

BEWARE!  Be sure you ASK the rate and conditions BEFORE boarding any vehicle. 

 If you are driving from the Highway:

 From the Highway, follow the signs to the beach/ Malecon/ Harbor. Salvatierra street is the main street going directly to the waterfront. Turn Left on Deportivo  and then a right at the first street which is  Benito Juarez. Continue straight towards water and go  left on Calle Davis.  We are 4th place on left. Big black steel  gates and a HUGE mako shark on the wall! 65/ 69 Davis St at the corner of Agua Dulce st.

OR             Go to the waterfront and then: 

From the south end of the Harbor/ Marina, turn up the short dirt road at the lifesize sculpture of the whale shark.  This is Agua Dulce street.   Straight ahead you will see our black steel gate with sailfish.   Gate is usually unlocked during business hours  and the current code will be sent to you if you are planning to arrive in the night.  Address  69  Norte Calle Davis at the corner of Agua Dulce St. 

  The Hotel is  not seen from the street, we  are behind a privacy wall so look for the big black gate with El Tiburon sign or the Mako shark on the blue front wall! There is a big mural and sign  on the back wall as you look through our big black gate.

 If lost, call  Liz at  044-613-111-1614 Mex Cell phone for help.   Office 135-2536         Taxis all know our Hotel. Rental Car info on FAQ page..... keep reading- go to FAQ's

        Getting Here from LAX-(Los Angeles, Calif,) Tijuana, Cabo, Vancouver,                                       Toronto, or Calgary by Air

Loreto has a long history of being a challenging place to reach. The Padres struggled in the 1600's, and there was not a paved road until mid 1970's!  These days there is limited air service from LAX, Calgary, Vancouver, Tijuana, Cabo San Jose, and La Paz.    Alaska Air provides the most flights and all via LAX in California. See below for other options.  For 300 years travelers have found that their time spent in Loreto was worth the difficulty in getting here. 

Alaska Airlines- see airline schedule next box below...

Alaskaair.com 1-800-252-7522  LAX to LTO (Loreto, Mexico) to LAX  (Los Angeles)  

 2-7 days a week (see below) Service is now back to a Boeing 737, 165 passengers      One flight a day, often not on Tues or Wednesday. 2 flights on Sat in Peak times.

2020 /2021  Check with airline for final schedule.    One flight per day leaving LAX around 12- 2 pm , Terminal 6  Schedule changed during COVID outbreak in USA

 If  Alaska Air website says unavailable on a certain day then flight is sold out.  There are exceptions certain weeks so always call or check their website!! Average cost one way from LAX to Loreto is $99 usd to $400usd. Holidays and some days can have higher fares- book early!       

   Always check the low fare calendar  on the Alaska air official website.         Other travel sites often do not have the capability of booking for Alaska air and  will say "not available".   Go to Alaska's official site only.

 All flights on Alaska Air  may  cost 200-650  USD  round trip  from LAX depending on month, day of week, Holiday, etc. Check low fare calendar to compare days and get cheapest fare.    Current Passport required. 

 WestJet-  Canadian-   Saturdays only in peak season Oct to May

 Flight number 2252 departs Calgary 9 - 10am.                                                                  Arrives at Loreto  International airport  (LTO) approx 3 pm.                                            Departs Loreto approximately 3-4 pm  Saturdays .  Arrives back in Calgary approximately 6 pm.      Check West Jet website.    

  Tijuana,  La Paz, Cabo, Guaymas, or Guadalajara service to Loreto--  Non stop on AeroCalafia  (619) 489-1389‬  

 Did you know the Tijuana Airport is located literally within walking distance from the border? At just over 390 feet long, the CBX skywalk bridge is a faster, more secure and hassle-free way for ticketed airline passengers to cross between San Diego and Tijuana Airport.   www.crossborderxpress.com

Cross the Border  in San Diego and fly from Tijuana. Taxi  over, or walk the new CBX toll bridge. Toll is approx 18-20 dollars one way.               Go to CBX website. www.crossborderxpress.com              Parking 15-20 dollars/day.

 Aero Calafia

Aero Calafia (http://www.aereocalafia.com.mx/inicio/) provides flights all along Baja California Sur and to the Western Coast of Northern Mexico as well.  Currently they are offering flights from Tijuana to Loreto and La Paz to Loreto.  Cabo flights are scheduled on Tues and Saturday  The reverse flight from Loreto to TJ leaves at 4 pm and arrives at Tijuana around 5pm.  Approx 3-5 days a week..   La Paz flights get into Loreto at 12:15 on Tues, Thursday, and Sunday. Check schedule as times/days and routes change. Call the US number- easy to book.

 MX  800 560 3949              USA (619) 489-1389‬ 

  • Volaris Airline-Tijuana to Loreto - usually cheaper base fare, 2-4 days a week. 
  • This webpage last updated June  2020

Bus service in Baja:

 There are two Bus lines that run from Northern Baja to Southern Baja.  They are Aguila http://www.autotransportesaguila.com/, and ABC www.abc.com.mx.  The stations are clean, safe and offer food and snacks.  The buses make stops for meals and restrooms at various stations or restaurants every few hours.  The buses themselves are clean, comfortable and often show B  movies in English and/or Spanish with subtitles!  They have a bathroom (usually clean).  The ride from Tijuana to Loreto can be a 16-24 hour trek. Bring a pillow and a sweatshirt. 

Driving to Loreto on Highway 1.  Approx 15 hr drive from Calif Border. 710 miles

 The Drive through Baja is rugged and beautiful. It is not for everyone.  Some mountain roads are narrow and many roads do not have a shoulder for emergencies. Large trucks cruise by at high speeds. Livestock and coyotes often run or sit on the road at night and can cause fatal accidents.

Mexican Insurance is required. Police are generally very helpful but Highway Patrols do ticket for speed, broken taillights, etc.  Pack extra spare  tire, water,emergency equipment. Do not drive at night.  

Get your tourist Visa at the Border or on-line before crossing. What if I breakdown on the Highway?

 Roadside Assistance – The Green Angels!   The Green Angels (Angeles Verdes), Mexico’s National Road Emergency Services, patrol fixed sections of major highways daily from dawn to sunset. The bilingual drivers, in green vehicles, provide mechanical assistance, towing and first aid. Their services are free, but there is a charge for parts, fuel and lubricants; tips are appreciated.

To alert the Angel truck driver, pull off the road and lift the hood of your vehicle.                   

  Beware Livestock on road!!!


What Food  can  I bring into Mexico Legally?

Importing agricultural items

SENASICA is the agency responsible for inspecting tourists for regulated and prohibited products upon their arrival to Mexico at international airports, at the border or via international maritime ports.

Mexico also utilizes trained canine units to detect these kinds of products. If you declare on your Customs Declaration Form ahead of time, you can help to avoid unnecessary delays.

Upon arrival, DECLARE all products of animal or vegetable origin that you may have in your baggage and carry-on’s. On the “Customs Declaration Form” mark section 6 if you believe that you may be carrying items such as food, including pet food and veterinary vaccines that may be regulated.

Permitted products of animal, vegetable and aquatic origin

Upon arrival to Mexico by plane, boat or vehicle, passengers may import the following items in small amounts for their personal use without the risk of introducing a pest or a disease following a visual inspection by the SAGARPA officer.

1. Products and by-products of animal origin:

·         - Dairy products: aged cheeses, butter, cream, yogurt, pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized milk (liquid, condensed, powdered, or maternal), packaged and labeled in Spanish or English by the sanitation authority. In the case of those countries affected by the Foot and Mouth Disease, only products processed at a SAGARPA authorized plant will be accepted*. An individually packaged or opened bottle of mother’s milk is permitted as long as it accompanies a lactating infant or child.

·         - Meat products: matured pork meat (ham and sausages) and thermally processed poultry or pork (sausages); from a plant authorized by SAGARPA, packaged and labeled in Spanish or English and stamped by the sanitation authority. Pâté of any species, canned or bottled, labeled in Spanish or English and stamped by the sanitation authority.

·         - Smoked poultry: packaged and labeled in Spanish or English, stamped by the sanitation authority. Items must have been processed at a SAGARPA authorized plant.

·         - Dried meat (beef): packaged, labeled in Spanish or English, stamped by the sanitation authority.

·         - Prepared food: totally processed foods with meat content (except ground beef made of meat from ruminant origin), egg, honey and dairy products that are packaged, labeled in Spanish or English and stamped by the sanitation authority.

·         - Bottled natural honey labeled and stamped by the sanitation authority.

·         - Dried or canned balanced diet pet food or treats without ingredients of ruminant origin (beef, mutton, lamb, etc), packaged and labeled in Spanish or English with a seal from the sanitation authority. You may also bring no more than a day’s ration in an unmarked bag as long as it is accompanying a traveling pet.

Note: You will be allowed up to 20 kg, same as may be submitted in one package or up to 2 gaskets, provided that together do not exceed that amount per family.

*If one of the products you wish to bring requires that it come from a plant authorized by SAGARPA, you can find a list of these plants at this link: SICPA.

2.- Products and by-products of vegetable origin, as determined in Article 4 from the AGREEMENT to Establish Classification and Codification of Merchandise that is Traded and Subject to Regulation by SAGARPA, the following products in a small amount for personal use are permitted after a visual inspection for pests and diseases:

·         - Smoking tobacco, roasted coffee.

·         - Preserved and cooked fruit and legumes, dried fruits such as apricots or prunes.

·         - Bottled spices, dried medicinal herbs, among others.

3.- Products and by-products of aquatic origin:

·         - Fresh, frozen or iced, dried, freeze-dried, cooked or smoked fish in any form (whole, filleted or in pieces) packaged for human consumption, untainted and without signs of decomposition. Fresh, frozen or iced fish must be preserved in an adequate ice chest with coolants and/or ice without leaks or spillage.

·         - Canned or bottled fish (paté, mussels, etc.) with label indicating type of fish used, expiration date or the preferred date of consumption.

·         - Fish products in other forms (sauces, bone meal, deep fried, etc.), prepared and ready for human consumption. 

·         - Fresh, frozen or iced squid, octopus, conch, sea cucumber and oysters in any form, packaged for human consumption, preserved in an adequate ice chest with coolants and/or ice without leaks or spillage.

·         - Dried, freeze-dried, cooked or smoked squid, octopus and sea cucumber in any form, packaged for human consumption, untainted, without signs of decomposition or infestation.

·         - Squid, octopus, conch, sea cucumber and oyster products in other forms (sauces, deep fried fish, etc.) prepared and ready for human consumption.

·         - Oyster; dried, smoked or in brine, individually packaged for human consumption. Untainted and without signs of decomposition or infestation.

·         - All raw crustaceans in any form (whole, tail, legs, etc.) individually packaged for human consumption.Untainted and no signs of decomposition or infestation.

·         - Shellfish products in other forms (sauces, condiments, dressings, deep fried fish, etc.) prepared and ready for human consumption.

·         - Combinations of different shellfish (shellfish dish), raw and cooked, mixed together and adequately conserved in an ice chest with coolants and/or ice without spillage or leaks.

·         - Seaweed in any form, fresh, dried or in brine, etc., prepared and ready for human consumption.

Loreto  International Terminal  -  Just a few miles from Town

  Casita Reservations:  email-   lizinloreto@gmail.com

 go to calendar page for availability- updated daily

Phone- US number  805-755-5828

Car rental companies in Loreto

A) Fox Rent a Car Loreto Centro (in Loreto, the town) 
Paseo Miguel Hidalgo s/n, Colonia Centro
+52 613 135 1149 (open until 8:00 PM)

B) Europcar (at the Loreto airport):
Calle Miguel Hidalgo 72 entre Prol. Misioneros y Callejon Pino Suarez
+52 613 135 2306 (open until 8:00 PM) 

C) Alamo (at the Loreto airport):

D) Mex Rent a Car Loreto (at the Loreto airport): 
Carretera Transpeninsular KM 7 S/N
+52 613 135 1090 (open until 12:00 AM) 

E) FOX: Tel. from the US: 011 52 (613)1350937. Web Site: http://www.foxrentacar.com/location/lto.aspx 

F) THRIFTY (in Loreto, the town): In the Diamond Loreto hotel lobby:
Tel from the US: 011 52 (613) 133-0612 or 0700 

G) BUDGET (in Loreto, the town): Paseo Hidalgo Y Malecon:
Tel from the US: 011 52 (613) 135-1090. Tel in the US: (800) 472-3325 

July  2020   Alaska Air      LAX to Loreto

3 days a   week

October 2020    Alaska Air     LAX to Loreto

November 2020    Alaska Air   LAX to Loreto

December 2020   Alaska Air   LAX to Loreto   

January 2021     Alaska Air   LAX to Loreto