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                     Loreto Activities / Tours                                                                         San Javier Mission Tour


 Loreto’s Museo de las Misiones houses a collection of religious artwork, weapons, tools and crafts but the most iconic vestige of the colonial era is the San Javier Mission,  pictured here, 45 minute drive south-west of town. Built in 1699, this stone chapel is remarkably well preserved and there is even a gnarled, 300-year-old olive tree still standing in its gardens.

Rivers and Waterfalls- private van for this tour.



        Golf Course next to estuaries and Sea Of Cortez.  Take Taxi.                               Located in "Loreto Bay" in the next town to the south- Nopolo



      Bird Watching- Local 2-4 hr walking tour with English speaking guide.                                    Booking information in our Library on site.



          More Birds- huge diversity of wildlife in Baja





           Farmer's Market and Sunday Swap meet  7 am-  11 am                                     Location varies- check with staff. Easy taxi ride to edge of town.                           Saturday  9 am small open market in the square.

  Mule Rides- arrange in advance- saddlingsouth.com   2-6 hour ranch/ mountain ride

Due to its isolation, arid climate, and varied terrain, the Baja California peninsula has evolved some curiously photogenic plants and inland landscapes.  Large cacti such as the Giant Cardon and the Pitahaya Dulce are well represented around Loreto as are hardwood trees such as the Mesquite.  There are an endless number of canyons to be explored that ascend into rugged mountains.  Erosion exposed rock yields fossilized seashells well above sea level overlooking the Islands that float in the deep blue Sea of Cortez, recognized for their natural beauty and biological diversity as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Bay of Loreto National Marine Park was established in 1997 in recognition of our surrounding water’s natural beauty and abundance of marine life. 

Bay of Conception +/- Mulege-  Easy day trip- rental car or our private driver


Snorkeling or PADI Diving in the Sea of Cortez, book a private boat, or Dolphin Tour