El Tiburon Casitas

Luxury Rentals in Loreto, Baja California Sur

Loreto Town / History

 Loreto was the first capital of Baja from 1697 to 1829.     Then a hurricane destroyed the city and the capital was  moved to La Paz.






 Founded in 1697 by a Jesuit missionary intent on evangelizing the nomadic indigenous population, Loreto is the oldest settlement on the peninsula.  You will be taken in by its beauty and history. It is one of 112 Pueblos Mágicos (magical towns) that Mexico has recognized for their natural beauty, cultural value or historical significance. 

Visit the Museo de las Misiones, a museum that houses a collection of religious artwork, weapons, tools, and crafts of the colonial era. 

Town Square and Gazebo area 1 block south of the Casitas



 Shopping/ Dining in the central district- easy walk from Casitas- or use our Complimentary Bicycles 







We are located directly up from the south end of the Marina. 65 Davis st./corner of AGUA DULCE

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