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Whale Watching in Baja

    People come to El Tiburon Casitas from around the world to experience whale watching Baja Style.  Think you've been whale watching before?  Ever had a whale exhale in your face?  Blow your hat off?  Give you a bath from slapping their tail?  Touch a whale?  Bring their baby up to your Panga for you to see?  Experienced the hugeness of a blue whale?  All this is possible with whale watching Baja Style.  Our whale watching is definitely up close and personal.

   Blue Whale Trips from the local Loreto Marina

Feb and March best time to see Blues.   No fees or Commissions to help you book a tour.  Go privately or with a small group.  

  The magnificent Blue Whale

 Gray Whale Watching

Gray whales are Mexican by birth. From December to April, the Gray whales calve and maintain a nursery in the  protected Lagoons near Guerro Negro, San Ignacio, Lopez Mateo, and Magdalena Bay on the Pacific side of the Peninsula. It is worth the drive to see the whales up close and personal and possibly even pet them from a Panga boat in this pristine Nursery.  2 hr drive to Lopez Mateos marina, day trip from Casitas. We can book a private van for you or help you find a group to join. Jan to April

Gray Whale Encounters in Mag Bay

Magical Encounters- Annual Gray Whale Migration- Pacific Lagoons

Pet the Friendly Grays!


 Magical Gray Whales in Magdalena Bay/Lopez Mateos Day Trip from Loreto                                                   

Every October, the Gray whales begin a 2-3 month migration from the cold Alaskan seas to the warm waters of Baja California to mate and give birth. We can help you book a day trip over to experience the close encounters. Jan to April.



Whale Watching in Loreto- Humpbacks, Blues, and other species.....Feb and March




Humpback, Blue, Sperm Whales, Orcas, Dolphins.

Lots of Marine Life-- Dolphins and Orcas, etc